How can you change Facebook password?

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People often forget Facebook password and it is normal.  If you have forgotten Facebook password, don’t be worried. At times, there is need for changing the password. Do you know how to change the password? Changing the Facebook password is very simple.

Facebook users these days provide complex passwords for security issues and these passwords generally are very difficult to penetrate or remember. In the absence of password managers, many users would feel helpless. Even if your password is very simple, there will be a time when you might not able to recall it. Many a times, you tend to forget your password because of saving the password in the browser or password manager.

Steps of Changing Facebook Password if you’re already Login

Step 1: Click to top right of Facebook

Step 2:  Go to Settings & Privacy and Click on Settings

Step 3: Click on Edit right to Change password

Step 4: Enter the current and new password

Step 5: Click on Save Changes

Steps of Changing Facebook Password If you’re not Logged In

Step 1: Go to Find your account page

Step 2: Type Email Address, Mobile Number, Username or Full-name associated with the account and click on Search

Step 3: Follow on-screen instructions

Facebook might appear a time-waster, but it’s being used these days for different promotional and business purposes. If somebody gets access to your Facebook account, he/she will get access to a large amount of your personal information. He/she could even log in to other websites and services in the disguise of you and there is a possibility they can even spam your friends. Therefore, you protect it.

Facebook is regarded as one of the most-hyped social media platforms and networking service that is in use by billions around the world for interaction, marketing, and treaty. Facebook is being used as a medium for contact, connection, informal chatting, marketing, and enterprising activities and it’s protected by the user name and password for authentication of the original user and protecting the entire systems and personal profiles from hacking and unlawful approach.

At times, computer hackers or wrongdoers get engaged in some unethical practices and use private and sensitive data for a misdeed. Facebook is used by people to store some important personal, professional, and business-related information. Due to negligence and weak protection, arising out of providing weak passwords or passwords that can be easily guessed, those profiles become easy prey for hacking and misuse. Bypassing Facebook security or breaking into a Facebook password isn’t a big deal these days.

How to Protect Facebook Profile

  1. Strong Password: Choose the Login ID which is not conventional and should be unique. Never be guessed easily. Give the password that is the combination of Letters, numbers, Signs, Upper and Lower case letters.
  2. Refrain from connecting to the unencrypted networks
  3. Use VPN service: It will keep the account safe and would protect from the harmful cookies created.
  4. Log Off account after work is important.
  5. Log in Approvals can shield your account.
  6. Take professional help in event of bigger crisis.

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