How to decrypt the floppy disk ?

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Decrypting floppy disk in a task given to, players in COD: Black Ops Cold War. The guide that we offer here will help players to do so easily during the Operation Chaos mission.

The first entry in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is to allow cross-generation play for players on Xbox and PlayStation to play effectively with their past and future generation players. There are various secrets and puzzles to solve. Moreover, the play allows players to change the story and to generate custom characters. One secret that needs revelation is to decrypt a floppy disc. Let us know how to do it successfully.

The steps to decrypt floppy dick

There will be a requirement of three pieces of evidence to unlock the floppy dick beforehand. The pieces of evidence required are:

Coded Message: One can find that in the Nowhere To Run mission. The plat at the end of the mission will require threatening Quasim devoid of killing him to get the evidence.

Audio Reel: The location of this is in the Brick in the Wall mission. There will be an audio reel, which players will find on a table inside of the warehouse. It will be right after freeing the informant.

Observer: On the front page of the Observer in the ’80s bar during the Red light, Greenlight mission, players will find it.

As one now has all the required pieces of evidence, a player can decrypt the floppy disk. If you are a starter then there will be a requirement of the passphrase. With the help of the coded message, red and blue members will be able to find out the missing numbers and align them perfectly. This activity will disclose the name of the city, which is the passphrase.

After doing, such one needs to look at the Observer to find out the jumbled message located on the front cover. By doing such, the player will be able to know about the location of another city. The player needs to put these two together to avail the code to decrypt the floppy disk.

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