How to password protect a pdf ?

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You job may require for creating word, PDF, Excel or simple text files to deliver project reports, summary or documents such as financial and medical records, receipts and payments. Whatever you create or store on your PC, it carries importance for you and that needs to be protected from 3rd party wrongdoers. Your documents have to be kept away from the notice of the others. Do you know how to password protect a pdf?

Here, we will discuss about protecting the PDF documents through a password.

What is PDF?

PDF stands for Portable Document Format. This is the file format which has been developed by Adobe in 1993. It is developed for displaying documents along with text formatting & images, in a way that is independent of hardware, application software and operating systems.

Adobe-made PDF files are most commonly used files of today. The main advantage of PDF files is that they exhibit and print the documents which look just the same in all PCs and computers. This is regarded as the most popular and preferred file set-up these days.

Many computer experts and professionals feel PDF to be the finest file format. It tenders multiple features. Real portability and mobility are the main features of this set-up. PDF files can be shared or transferred between the networks easily.  While converting the documents to PDF, it retains all visual features of the document after the conversion to PDF.

Most importantly, it offers high-quality security features and data encryption.  Data encryption is applied mainly for securing the data. For getting access to encrypted documents, you have to know the right password or secret key that will decrypt them.

The software program that helps to read and view PDF files is free software, named as Adobe Reader. For creating, editing and managing the PDF files, the commercial version of Adobe Acrobat is required.

How can you give passwords & permissions to PDF files?

Step 1: Open file in the Acrobat and choose “Tools” > “Protect”

Step 2: Encrypt the file with a password

Step 3: Give the password or the security method as prefer

Step 4: Click “OK” and next click “Save.”

How can you Password Protect to Digitally Signed PDF Documents?

Step 1:  Open PDF and select File > Print > Adobe PDF > Print

Step 2: Type file name and click Save

Step 3: Select the security settings: Adobe PDF – Security

Step 4: Find out the box for requiring the password to open document

Step 5: Type the password in Document to open

Another Simple Option of Protecting PDF files via Password

Add a password to a PDF

  1. Open PDF file in Acrobat DC.
  2. Click on Tools > Protect > Protect Use Password.
  3. Choose if you can select password to view or edit the PDF.
  4. Type and next retype the password
  5. Click on Apply

Actually, the PDF is a computer application that has most advanced features. These advanced features make the job of the user easier, handy and flexible. The most notable feature is to be its security.

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