How to split screen on Chromebook ?

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Chromebooks are new type of laptops or computers which have been designed to get things done better, faster and easier. These Chromebooks run on Chrome OS which has cloud storage, best of Google built-in features and have numerous layers of security. Of course, it is mainly designed for the internet connection and there is not much of storage space availability. It can be used via offline-ready apps without the Internet connection. Do you know how to split screen on Chromebook?

Laptop Vs Chromebook

The Chromobook is an affordable alternative to the Windows laptop or MacBook. Chromebooks basically run on Chrome OS that means Windows & macOS programs won’t work on these computers.

  Chromebook Laptop
Operating System Chrome OS Windows, macOS
Web browser Google Chrome All browsers
Storage Online in the ‘cloud’ Offline on a drive or online in the ‘cloud’
Apps Internet apps from Chrome Web Store and Android apps from Google Play Store Almost all programs
Protected from viruses Automatic protection via Google Antivirus software necessary
Battery Energy-efficient Difference per model
Mostly used Sending emails to playing games with apps from Play Store All tasks: use internet or play games


Things to know about a Chromebook

  • It won’t allow the software installation.
  • It won’t get affected by virus. There is no need for antivirus.
  • It gets frequently updated automatically.
  • All its apps & storage are online.
  • It has a SD card slot.
  • Its apps can be found in Chrome Web Store.

Things to know about Chrome OS

  • It’s a lightweight OS.
  • All its apps are web-based.
  • Provides easy-access to applications
  • Can handle many tasks at one go
  • It gets auto-updated.
  • It’s fast, secure and easy-to-use
  • The data & settings are stored in cloud.
  • It hasn’t a hard drive
  • It runs on only Chrome web browser or Chromebook computers

About split-screen

  • For going split-screen on the Chromebook helps you to view two windows simultaneously.
  • For using split-screen feature, you just have to open the apps and drag them to corresponding halves of screen. Next, the computer will take care of the window resizing.

There are some advantages of using the split-screen setup which would help you to get more jobs done on a laptop and can be very useful if you are switching back and forth between windows & apps. In a Chromebook, it’s very easy to set up and if it’s done correctly, the computer will make the window resizing for yours.

How to split screen on Chromebook?

  1. Open the first app and click on window size reducer in top-right corner of the window.
  2. Drag the window to both sides of screen.

You will see a vertical line would pop-up at the center of screen at that point you have to release the window. Then, it will automatically get fitted into that half of screen.

  1. Open the second app and click on window size-reducer at top-right corner.
  2. Drag the window to the other side of screen and release. Then, you will see that side of the screen turns grayed out.

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