How to unpair an Apple watch

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There are various reasons to unpair your Apple watch. You may have forgotten the password, or have an issue to fix or that you desire to sell the watch and for all these, you need to unpair the watch. The process to unpair and reset the watch is made simple by Apple. You can easily route, reboot the watch, and start from the beginning. The guide that we present here will help you unpair an Apple watch and solve any problem you may face.

The first caution 

It is best to remember that you will be losing all the data stored when you unpair or reset your Apple watch. So, it is wise to have a backup of the same before starting the process to unpair. Apple will make a backup, but you can do it yourself manually to be on the safer side.

Moreover, if you have an Apple Watch with LTE having an associated data plan, then when you unpair the link will have a disconnection and you need to have your service provider’s services to reconnect.

How to unpair and reset the watch from iPhone 

This is the most effective method to unpair and resets the Apple watch. If you have the iPhone handy, with which you have the watch paired, you need to hold the phone close to the watch. The next step is to go to the Watch app on the phone, spot the watch, and press on it. As you do so, you will notice an orange “I” at the side of the icon.

At the same point, you will notice another menu with various other settings. One of the settings will be “Unpair Apple Watch”. The colour of the setting icon will be red and you need to tap there.

As you tap, you will notice a warning sign stating that you will lose all your data. If you wish to proceed, you need to press the “Unpair Apple Watch” at the bottom of the screen. However, before doing so, make sure that you have a backup of the data you will lose.

As you tap the “Unpair Apple Watch”, you need to input your Apple ID password to continue. You will have to wait for 10 minutes depending on the amount of data; you have in your watch for the watch to unpair. As the process completes, you can again reset the Apple watch. It will function as a new watch and you can even sell it if you desire.

Erase the data on Apple watch 

It sometimes happens that the watch does not delete all the data that you have stored. In such a situation, it will be difficult for you to sell it. In such a case, you need to be at the Setting app on the watch. You can do so by tapping on the grey cog icon.

The path to follow is General > Reset and then Erase All Content and Settings. As you press the Erase All, it is for sure that all your data will have the deletion. Now, you will have an Apple watch like the one you brought from the store.

So, follow these steps and unpair your Apple watch.

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