How to update Google chrome ?

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Google chrome is a web-browser from Google and it is cross-platform, meaning it can be used in different types of computers and software packages. Google Chrome was first available for use in 2008 for Microsoft Windows. Later it ported to Linux, iOS, macOS, and Android. The browser is the main part of Chrome operating system where it works as the platform for web apps. Do you know how to update Google Chrome?

Google Chrome represents the combination of minimum design and elegant technology. It has been making the web searching experience easier, safer and quicker. To have better user experience, Google keeps on coming up with newer versions of Chrome in regular intervals. Updating to its newest versions of Chrome will keep you away from threats and vulnerabilities to great extent. Most importantly, latest version of Google Chrome will give you access to the newest features.

How will you update Google Chrome?

Step 1:  Open Chrome on your PC (that is on your web browser)

Step 2:  Look at top right, Click on More

Step 3:  Click on Update Google Chrome.

Note: If you don’t find the update button, that means you have the latest version.

Step 4: Click on Relaunch.

How will you install Google Chrome in Android?

Step 1: If you are using Android mobile or Tablet, Go to the Google Chrome in Google Play

Step 2: Tap Install

Step 3: Tap Accept

How will you Install Chrome on Windows?

Step 1: Download Installation file

Step 2:  If given option, click on Run or Save

Step 3: If you click on Save, double-click on the download for start installing.

Step 4: Start Chrome:

  • Windows 7: The Chrome window will open after everything is completed.
  • Windows 8 & 8.1: The welcome dialog will appear and Click on Next for selecting it as the default browser.
  • Windows 10: The Chrome window will open after everything is completed. Choose Chrome as your default browser.

Advantages of Google Chrome

  1. Google Chrome uses Javascript engine to power next generation of web applications.
  2. It works on Isolated Tab Process. If one tab crashes, that means that is the one tab crashed and you would be able to continue to work with others. This feature isn’t available in other browsers.
  3. The Chrome can be installed easily.  When you download the Chrome, there will be hardly any complications. This is the only browser that can be downloaded by one without having much technical knowledge.
  4. Chrome uses less CPU. In case of other browsers, CPU usage becomes high as more tabs are opened. Significantly, Chrome takes less space.
  5. Chrome is faster than other browsers and it can be even faster in coming days.
  6. The URL box and combined search box are very catchy. Once, you start typing your search terms and the URL bar will come up with relevant sites. This makes the browsing even easier.
  7. If you open the new tab, Chrome will come up with your recently searched websites with a size larger than thumbnail, so that it’s much easy to visit the regular sites. But it has some drawbacks.
  8. Chrome works on a platform for running the browser and it minimizes the need for OS.

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