How to change Alexa voice ?

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Alexa is a voice-controlled Amazon assistant that converts words into actions. It can play audio, answer your queries, and control smart home devices, play music from a variety of sources, and make you engaged to your favorite services and will keep you informed, organized, connected, entertained, and safe. Based in cloud, Alexa is your personalized shopper and can be accessible to many smart speakers or other Alexa-aided devices. Do you know how to change Alexa voice?

Being Amazon’s suite of services, Alexa Voice Service (AVS) has been designed through its voice-controlled AI (Artificial Intelligence) assistant, specifically for homes and other places. Now, Alexa is used for a growing number of devices that include Mobile phones, tablets, or remote controls.

Amazon, Alexa and Echo Devices

Echo, popularly called Alexa, the voice assistant has been designed by Amazon that is best suited for use at home. Surprisingly, there is even no battery installed in this device. You just wake it up with a wake word (as it supports wake word) and then, you can issue whatever commands you may like. Echo comes up with 4 highly sensitive microphones and can pick up your voice even more than 10 feet distance.  It can even pick up your voice while playing music or talking.

Of course, Alexa service is powering Echo devices of Amazon and now AVS has brought those services to device-makers who want to use them for commercial purposes. Using this technology, Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), Original design manufacturer (ODM), and Systems integrators (SI) has integrated Alexa features and functions into Smart-Speakers, Headphones, TVs, PC, vehicles, and other smart-home equipment. Amazon’s AVS team also helps device makers in the Alexa integration process. Amazon-made Alexa voice-assistant is fabulous equipment and it’s always fun to use.

If you’re already fed up with listening to Alexa’s robotic voice, you have the opportunity to turn Alexa’s voice a little more human with the way she talks in the following ways:

How can you Change Alexa’s Voice?

You might not be aware how exciting it’s to hear your most lovable celebrity in your Echo device. Though, celebrity voices may not be the standard feature in Echo devices, you have the option to change Alexa voice by following steps:

STEP 1: Open Alexa App

STEP 2: Go to the Devices: This house-shaped icon is present at bottom right of the screen.

STEP 3: Choose the Device. If you’ve more than one device, choose the device that you like to change.

STEP 4: Scroll down to Language Segment. By Default, it will come to English (USA).

STEP 5: Choose the Language/ Dialect. Alexa is able to speak in more than one English accent from world over, such as:



Australia/New Zealand


STEP 6: Click on OK

STEP 7: Wait for a while the device to switch to the new language/accent.

STEP 8: Now, Alexa will speak in a new regional language


How can you Change Alexa’s Language/Accent?

  1. Open Alexa App in your mobile set
  2. Tap on More
  3. Next, Click on Settings
  4. Click on Device Settings
  5. Choose a Alexa device that you would like to change voice of
  6. Scroll down and Choose Language
  7. Lastly, choose the accent or language that you like to change Alexa’s voice to.

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