How to remove duplicates in excel?

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Microsoft Excel is a very popular spreadsheet application that has been developed by Microsoft for storing, editing, and manipulating data within a group within row-column like structures, called a workbook. It’s designed for those computers that use Windows operating systems and also used in PCs with Mac OS. One workbook uses a group of worksheets for organizing data within a system. The rows and columns are spilt into cells. The users will have to enter data in these cells to calculate the results using simple to complex formulas. There are options to insert charts and graphs in the workbook to represent the data uniquely. Do you know how to remove duplicates in excel?

Excel is very easy to use and also easy to getting interface with many tools that make the spreadsheet simple and quick. These special features along with the dominant marketing campaign have made excel one of the most popular and useful software programs worldwide. We all know that Excel comes up with MS office package programs.

Microsoft Excel was developed by Microsoft Corporation in 1984. Excel was designed for creating a more user-friendly program for calculation for spreadsheet users. To this data, there are 19 versions have come. The latest version of Excel has come in 2019.

How can you find and remove duplicates in Excel?

How can you find duplicates in excel

  1. Select Data
  2. Select the Conditional Formatting
  3. Select Apply and Highlight the cell-duplicate
  4. Color code duplicate value
  5. Now you’ve got the duplicates

How can you remove Duplicates in Excel?

  1. Select the Data > Remove Duplicates
  2. Select Columns in Dialog
  3. Now, you’ve removed duplicates


  1. To find duplicates Use Conditional Formatting function.

Select the Name Column

  1. Tap on Conditional Formatting ( Present at the RHS of Home Tab)

Or you can use key: Alt + H + L.

  1. As you click on Dropdown of Conditional Formatting, you will get following options:

Select 1st Option:  ‘Highlight Cells Rules’

Select 2nd Option: Sub-option as ‘Duplicate Values.’

  1. Now, you will see Duplicate Values Dialog Box

Choose the color code Duplicate value

  1. Click on Ok. Now you will see Duplicate Names in Colored

How can you remove Duplicates in Excel?

  1. Select a random Cell.

Select the option of Remove Duplicates from Data Tab

Or you can use Key: ALT + A + M

  1. When you click on Remove Duplicates, a Dialog Box will appear.

Then, you will have your own column headers.

Select the columns from which you want remove the duplicate values.

If the data in all the columns are duplicated, then the rows would be deleted.

  1. Click on Ok. The, all the duplicate values are removed.

The Pop-up will appear signaling that Duplicates are removed.

Microsoft Excel offers many features such as charts, graphs, formulas, sorting, and filtering. These features make the process of enter, manipulate and Display data within an Excel worksheet for many various purposes. After coming up with features like Import, Export, and Pivot Tables and Visual Basic application have made the entire process to use Excel much easier and more customizable.

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