How to Flush Toilet Without Water ?

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Cleaning any part of the bathroom is very unpleasant and hassling. Then, cleaning the toilet is even so worst. Of course, it’s to remember if you clean up your toilet in regular intervals; it will be less-hassling. If your toilet is not cleaned up for a long time, it will give rise to the accumulation of organic materials in the pan and get crusted. Then, it can be extremely difficult to scrub off. Cleaning up the pan is needed at least once a week. Do you know how to flush toilet without water?

The advantage of running water or continuous flow of water to your bathroom can not be ignored. But at times, there occurs some problem in the water supply or there is no water. In this situation, people start to panic. They don’t even know how to use the toilet without the supply of water. In case your water is shut-off due to some reason and still, you can flush out your toilet. There are few tips which can help you in getting your problem solved.

In another case, it’s always time-consuming and irritating when your toilet bowl is choked up. There are many ways that you can clean up and will be able to reduce the cost of hiring a plumber and your precious time. It’s never a complex task to fix a toilet that is clogged up. Make sure the tools that are used should be handy. The main things that you want are Plunger, gloves, bleach, and a bucket. It can be messy, but it’s about a few minutes that you have to work on your toilet.

How can you flush the toilet without water?

The plumbing of Bathroom toilet needn’t require proper level of pressure or running water for functioning normal way. That means you could use any source of water for filling up the water tank irrespective of interruption. The process is based on gravity.

Step 1: Collect Water

Step 2: Pour water in the Toilet Bowl. Simply keep on filling up the toilet tank till it reaches to the top position of the overflow tube. Then, you can flush the toilet with the toilet handle in the normal way that use to do.

The, there is another method that is i.e. Gravity Flush. You just have to pour around 1.6 gallons of the water inside the toilet bowl. Here, you don’t need toilet handle.

When you pour water inside the bowl, sometimes, water suddenly overflows and gets splashed up in your face. Be cautious about that. Be prepared for such unexpected incident.

Common toilet problems

There could be several reasons for which we find problem in flushing out the toilet. This arises because we repeatedly use toilet flush and it’s prone to damages. There are several problems but they are simple to repair. Some common toilet flush problems:

  • Weak flusher
  • Sturdy but the Partial Flush
  • When Bowl water level is dropping
  • Slow tank filling
  • Leakage while tank filling

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