How to Stay Warm Without Power ?

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Many of us find it difficult to stay warm during winter. When winter comes, it’s always a challenge to stay warm both indoors and outdoors. If you live in extremely cold conditions, you must keep your accessories warm to stay protected from frostbite. Of course, we can do some clever things to stay warm in intense cold conditions. Do you know how to stay warm without power?

The winter storms cause transformers and power infrastructure to fail. At times, such a power outage carries on for hours, even for few days. In such conditions, you should prepare with other options like a fuel-aided power generator, kerosene heater, a comfortable fireplace, pellet burning stove.

We know that central air heating systems are sure to produce high electricity bills. Next, these home heating systems are made for warming the entire house which is not always required as the family members use to stay in some specific parts of a house. In that situation, heating the entire house is useless. In such cases, you can use a space heater that uses comparatively less energy and is portable. You can take this heater from one house to another. You can place one in each room and you can place it wherever you want. These space heaters have variable heat levels and can be adjusted according to your requirement.

How will you stay warm without power?

  1. Layer with clothing: Layer the clothing from the head to toes helps in maintaining the body temperature.
  2. Use curtains in windows at Night: As the sun goes down, the temperature at night dips. In that situation, you can use curtains in your windows that will ensure that your home stays away from cold. Curtains provide extra protection from cold.
  3. Light up the houses with fire & candle: If there is no electricity in your house, the fireplaces and candles can be the options to add some more heat to your house.
  4. Drinking warm liquids: People can drink tea, coffee or hot chocolate in a perfect chilly day for warming your body. It will be ideal during winter.
  5. Breaking out the blankets: If the power suddenly goes out on a winter day, you should break out the blankets for some more warmth. In addition to that sitting by the side of fire, cozying up with the couch, these blankets are the best options for covering the body.
  6. Simple exercises: Doing the physical activity can be an excellent way to sweat and stay warm. Then, you can do some simple exercises like jogging, running, cycling and other things.
  7. Do cooking: In winter, you can do some cooking that will make you stand near gas oven or stove. Within half an hour, your body will get warmed up.
  8. Preparation during nighttime: During nighttime if the power goes out or there is power outage, in cold conditions, the night temperature goes further down. It can be very difficult to sleep. In such conditions, you can use layering of clothes and some socks or spread few more blankets on your bed. It can be helpful to counter the cold.

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