How to Make Snow Cream ?

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One of the greatest gifts one can have during the winter months is the big bowl of snow falling and you can prepare snow ice-cream from that. The best snow you can get from the top layer when the snow-falling is going on, but at the end of the day, you can get high-quality snow from any place when the snow-falling is happening. Yes, snow ice-cream exists and it’s nothing but the process of preparing ice-cream from freshly-fallen snow. Do you know how to make snow cream?

You know how beautiful the scenery is when fresh snow is used to create a magical atmosphere in your backyard. Is it possible to prepare snow-ice cream from the fresh snow? Of course, there involve considerable risks in the form of pollutants that might exist in fresh snow. Then, there is pollution through coal-aided plants, vehicle emission, and wood-burning which you could hardly prevent. If you handle these minimal risks, then you can have delicious home-made snow cream in the next big snowfall.

How will you make snow cream (Snow-Ice Cream)?

Fresh snow is handy for preparing snow cream. First collect fresh snow in large bowl when the snow is falling. You need at least one gallon (almost 5 liters) of clean snow.

Snow Collecting Process

Glass bowls can be the best for snow collection. Stainless steels can turn warm and on its impact the snow starts to melt while inside it.

Ingredients need for snow Ice Cream

  • 1 gallon pure snow
  • 1 cup sugar
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla
  • 2 cups of light cream

Step 1: Combining all the Ingredients

All of the ingredients will be mixed up inside the bowl along with collected snow. Start spreading the sugar over the snow in the bowl. Next, put vanilla and light cream (half-and-half).

Step 2: Pound the Ingredients

Use the hand-mixer to pound the snow till it reaches to the powder form. As it is start warming, the mixture would appear more like soft ice-cream.

Step 3: Get Your Delicious Snow Cream

Dig the hard snow Ice cream from the bowl now and serve the people you want or eat it.

Though the above prepared snow ice cream is more or less same as recipes and ice cream you usually buy from the stores, but preparing snow cream is really a fun experience and sensible effort.   Experiment with snow cream preparation and keep your winter amusement going.

Some Important Fun-facts about Ice-cream

  1. It is believed that Ice had its roots in ancient China in 2nd Century BC. The snow was flavored with fruits and fruit juices.
  2. In 16th century, the scientists found that by mixing up salt petre, potassium nitrate, water, wine & cream, it gets frozen. Then, they started to use common salt and ice cream was made easily.
  3. It’s said that Catherine de Medici had taken ice cream recipe concept to France during her marriage to Henri II around 1550. The British King Charles II ate ice cream for the first time at a banquet in 1672.

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