How to Unfreeze Pipes ?

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Cold winter brings all sorts of problems for yourself and your households. One of those common problems is the frozen pipes. Sometimes, worst of water supply problems occur in your households when the pipe bursts in upstairs and the water spreads down to 1st floor and basement. Do you know how to unfreeze pipes?As the water freezes, it creates pressure inside where it is contained. The pipes which freeze most frequently are the ones that are exposed to intense cold such as non-heated basements, crawl spaces, garages and kitchen cabinets. The pipes which are located near to the exterior walls and are often without insulation are subject to the freezing.

A small crack in the pipe can leak 250 gallons of water per day that leads to flood, heavy structural damage and immediate option for mold.

How will you know that your pipes are frozen?

The pipe covered with frost can be sure of to be frozen. But it’s not visible in all of the plumbing pipes. Consider a case, when the pressure of water reduces and as a result, the toilet isn’t refilling. In that case, there is cent-percent possibility

How will you Thaw a Frozen Pipe?

It’s advised to call a professional who can thaw your pipes. If you want to unfreeze your pipes on your own, the following steps can be followed-

Step 1: Stop flow of the water to the faucet Or Stop flowing of the water to the valve

Step 2: Open the cabinets’ door and the faucets

Step 3:  Apply heat

Step 4: Wrap the Pipes in thermostatically controlled heat tape

Step 5: Turn up the thermostat that will increase the temperature of the home. It will melt the frozen pipe.

Another Method

When the winter comes, people wear warm clothes, so that they won’t catch cold. Similarly, the water pipes should be kept warm so that they won’t get frozen. Follow the tips below-

  1. Insulate the pipes: Insulate the pipes thoroughly with high-level snap-on insulation.
  2. Heat the pipes: Apply heat to the pipes. For overheating protection you can use quality heat tape that has in-built thermostat.
  3. Sprinkler system: Shut down sprinkler and next, draw off the water from irrigation lines by blowing the compression air.ow to Unfreeze
  4. Dripping faucets: Dripping the faucets in the bathroom and kitchen so that water doesn’t stick to the pipes.
  5. Cabinets: Open the cabinet doors below the sinks and bath letting the internal heat get inside the pipes.
  6. Use Heating: You have the option of using the heat lamp or hair dryer or space heater to thaw the frozen pipes.

Freezing can jeopardize the pipes the volume of the water rises as it starts to freeze. The water itself stretches out the pipe when the water and pipe thaws. The joints in pipes could carry holes or they just burst entirely. At this juncture, the melted water might rush through the bathroom or kitchen and damage the floor and walls and might bring costly repairing into play.ow to Unfreeze

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